The strongest force in
the universe is the
desire to grow.
Swami Rudrananda

andrea pro
Andrea Pro

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                         in which all people experience.....

              the gifts of our authentic nature,

                        the security of being understood and

                              the joy that comes with trust, connection and unity.

The first step in creating great relationships is self-connection. We do not have to resign ourselves to living with tension, conflict and disconnection in our relationship with ourselves or others. I support people in getting clarity about their deepest needs and values, and learning how to communicate and navigate relationships using tools and skills that change our patterns and deepen understanding, trust and connection.

My clients and workshop participants learn the skill of empathic listening- which is unlike any kind of "listening" that we've experienced in our culture. Compassion and understanding naturally emerge through skillful listening. Other skills include learning to connect with and express our needs, stating our perceptions clearly, and learning the art of making requests using a process that includes everyone, creating cooperation and forward movement.

Through the practice of these skills, new pathways are established in our nervous systems and psyches, insight and clarity emerges, and old patterns begin to fall away.  Our relationships become a more healthy and joyful balance that includes "me," "you," and "us together."

I offer individual and couples session packages and workshops that will transform your
communication and relationships.

Email me to book your 30-minute complementary          

Connect and Thrive meeting

Share your relationship needs and goals and I’ll offer support and powerful solutions to create change.

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