Problem Solving Skills

Today you are you, that's truer than true. there is no one alive who is youer
than you.
Dr. Seuss


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Feedback for
Problem Solving Skills

Feedback from Clients

Andrea and I have worked together for several months.  I have found her to have an exceptional ability to reflect my concerns and needs in ways that are encouraging and validating.  She has journeyed with me into the deep shadows of my being and helped me to navigate and transform confusion and fear into clarity and consciousness.  Her support and compassion have been a valuable model for me in how to support myself.  Her style as a guide is one of companionship, depth, humor and compassionate insight.  I would highly recommend her as a guide on your journey!  
P. S., Colorado

During our sessions together I felt completely heard and understood. Andrea focused on the words I said and the emotions that come through my verbal and non-verbal language. She reflected my thoughts and feelings back to me in accurate language, oftentimes expanding my expression in new words that helped me to more fully grasp my own ideas and experience. 

I worked with Andrea to move through a very challenging and painful relationship with a parent. I was also creating a solid self-identity and learning how to establish and maintain comfortable boundaries in relationships of all kinds - familial, friend, romantic, professional - while being open to human connection and intimacy. With Andrea I felt a genuine connection with another human being, and I felt loved. This became a model for me of the type of relationship that I want with my loved ones. Andrea taught me communication skills to strengthen my relationships in those ways, and helped me become less afraid naming my needs and feelings. 

 Andrea is such an exquisitely skilled and empathic listener. Not only does she get what I am saying – most times better than I get it myself (!) – she gets who I am. Andrea tunes right in and, when I am speaking from my head or from a reactive/triggered place, she gently guides me back to my heart, to my center, helping me see and feel that I am okay and that I am not defined by whatever turbulence I am experiencing in my life. When challenges in my life might otherwise lead me down some dark hole of self-aversion, Andrea helps me return to presence. Over time, with her help, I have learned to care for myself using the same kind of compassionate, non-judgmental inquiry Andrea models so well in our sessions.
C.R., Virginia

I view Andrea's process as the most nurturing and efficient healing work I have ever practiced. I found Andrea four years ago. I was in a severely abusive relationship on all levels. And I was completely devastated. As she listened to my self agony and reflected core needs I remember feeling waves of relief because it was the first time I ever felt truly heard. She helped me realize how much support I can offer myself and others. Since I started trying to recreate her ability to observe thoughts and feelings with neutrality, care and precision I have become my own best friend.
C. Hudson

I am so grateful to Andrea for her diligence, clarity, brilliance and commitment to living and teaching Nonviolent Communication. She takes the high emotion out of situations so naturally... she is calm and clear and breaks down situations so they are understandable & can be dealt with. Thank you Andrea.