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Communicate to Connect Salon

An experiential practice group in which we focus on mindful

self-awareness, empathic listening and honest, clear speaking

 from the heart. Based on the five skill sets of Nonviolent Communication and other mindfulness tools. This is a fun and heart-felt group where we enjoy building friendships and community.


Every other week   6:30—8pm

Jan. 30    Feb. 13 & 27    March 13 & 27     April 10 & 24

$15  (First meeting free)   RSVP: Andrea 345-0907

The Wellness Center, Kailua, Kona

Salon Sessions
Salon Sessions

Conflict is an Opportunity
Skills for Transforming Conflict with Confidence

This is an interactive course designed for
ANYONE who wants to improve their relationships.

People often avoid conflict or react emotionally and miss opportunities to benefit from the intelligence and creativity offered by differing perspectives. Conflict is a natural part of relationships that arises from our differences. When we move closer and discover the intelligence, creativity and potential within conflict, we strengthen our relationships.

Week 1    Understand the structure of conflict and your own conflict style.

Learn to recognize the positive potential in conflict. Understand how to move into conflict in a safe and healthy way.  

 Week 2     Meeting Intense Emotions with Compassion and Mindfulness

Understand how our nervous system protects us through reactivity. Learn to stay present in the midst of disagreement, discomfort and criticism. Learn to discern the positive message revealed through your own and others' emotions.  

 Week 3     Compassionate and Sensitive Listening

Listening is the most important skill in relationships. You'll learn to understand and reflect back the positive message beneath the strong emotions and details being expressed. "Getting" and  naming the essence of what matters to you and others establishes bonding and trust.

 Week 4    Reframing the Context

Learn to move through the maze of details, stories and opinions and describe clearly what is happening. This is an essential step in bridging to others and exploring a bigger context of reality.

 Week 5    Expressing and Exploring Diverse Perspectives

Learn skills to navigate conversations that include respectfully and honestly exploring all perspectives present. Develop your capacity to access and harvest the wisdom, creativity and intelligence of everyone involved.  

Week 6    Negotiating Shared Agreements

Increase your ability to collaborate and problem solve. Learn to generate solutions based on finding the intersection of shared interests. Learn to take risks and build in "aftercare" by re-visiting decisions to assess how they are working.

6 Thursday Evenings

March 23, 30    April 6, 13, 20, 27        6:00—8:00 pm
The Wellness Center, Kailua, Kona
I'm happy to answer your questions- give me a call 345-0907

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